This map takes as its points of departure:

(a) The territory covered is that of the current Republic of Lithuania (not to be confused with the much larger Jewish cultural territory of Líte). Place names are given in their current official form. Yiddish place names can be found in the alphabetic register here, which provides each place name in both languages.

(b) This is a map of where Lithuanian Jews lived up until their annihilation during the Holocaust. This project is therefore complementary to the ongoing Atlas of the Holocaust in Lithuania being prepared by the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum of Lithuania under an ITF grant. That important project focuses on the mass grave sites of Lithuania, building upon the work of Joseph Levinson’s Book of Sorrow (Vilnius 1997), and the mass grave marking project of the Holocaust Education Trust in Britain and the British Embassy in Vilnius, thanks to the initiative of Lord Janner of Braunstone.

(c) The links provided for the place names lead to available online resources on the Holocaust history of each location. In many cases, these resources are frankly minimal. The project hopes to elucidate the extant gaps so that online resources can be developed to provide detailed Holocaust history for each location. In this context, it is vital that a project of translations be launched of eyewitness memoirs, many of which are to be found in Yiddish and Hebrew yizkor books (volumes commemorating a shtetl or city or region) that have yet to be translated and/or made available online.