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Yiddish and Power. Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke and New York 2015.


“A reshíme fun zibn-un-tsvántsik kloyzn (bótey-midróshim) in Vílne (in Zálmen Réyzen’s Vílner ‘Tog’ fun dráysikstn detsémber 1921” in Yiddish Virtual Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna, 47, 8 February 2015.


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Die Prager Deklaration” in Jüdische Rundschau, 8 October 2014. 


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5 October 2014.


Reprinted in The Lithuania Tribune – Delfi English at: 


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The City in the Moonlight. Stories of the Old-time Lithuanian Jews. By Dovid Katz. Translated by Barnett Zumoff. Ktav Publishing: Jersey City 2012, 138 pp.

More details here.


Ostjűdische Geschichten aus dem alten Litauen. Von Dovid Katz. Übersetzung von Melitta Depner. Salon Literaturverlag: Munich 2012, 329 pp.

More details here.


Litvish: An Atlas of Northeastern Yiddish. A Work in Progress.


The Language of Litvak Gravestones: A Cultural Dictionary. A Work in Progress.


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“Congratulating Algimantas Kasparavičius who Gets it Right: Trying to Manage History is a Big-Time Loser for Mature Foreign Policy” in, 30 May 2012.


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 “Want to Honor the Head of the 1941 Nazi Puppet Government? Website Claims Seimas Will Provide Free Transportation” in, 17 May 2012.


“Parliament’s Public Relations Department Posts Revised Schedule of Events to Honor Nazi Collaborator ‘Prime Minister’ Juozas Ambrazevičius (Brazaitis)” in, 16 May 2012.


“BNS Report Follows Dramatic Donskis Statement; Says Event does not have VMU ‘Sanction’” in, 15 May 2012.



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“Archbishop Adds his Blessing to the Nazi Collaborator being Reburied with Full Honors” in, 11 May 2012.


“Day of Shame (May 19th) Can Still be Averted at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas” in, 11 May 2012.


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“‘Moderate Litvak’ Status is Conferred by his Highness, the Norwegian Property Magnate cum Editor-in-Chief of Vilnius” in, 1 May 2012.


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European Commission website: “Martin Schulz, EP President, meeting with Dovid Katz ― Handing over the [70 Years] Declaration on the Final Solution of the Wannsee Conference”, 14 March 2012.


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“Lithuanian foreign minister inserts red-brown discourse into Austrian extradition case” on, 28 September 2011.


“Lithuanian foreign ministry’s two versions: for a Jewish audience (not for publication) and for ‘General’ (proudly on website” on, 28 September 2011.


“Lithuanian foreign ministry gloats, as Yivo’s position continues to confuse” on, 23 September 2011.


“Yad Vashem withdraws invitation to Lithuanian minister over campaign against Joe Melamed; British parliamentarians move an ‘early day motion’; Melamed speaks eloquently at Yad Vashem, blasts efforts to glorify Holocaust perpetrators as ‘heroes’” on, 22 September 2011.


“Yivo director sends new circular to staff, refining Lithuanian government talking points; claims support of Veidlinger and Zipperstein for (inaccurate) public statement” on, 13 September 2011.


“Director of Yivo sends circular to staff, taking on the role of Manhattan office of Lithuanian government’s PR department; calls Holocaust survivors ‘helpless’ and ‘ageing’” on, 9 September 2011.


“Holocaust survivors from Lithuania protest Yivo’s decision to honor the foreign minister of Lithuania at Vilna Ghetto Commemoration” on, 6 September 2011.


“Lithuanian authorities initiated prosecution against another Holocaust survivor” on, 30 August 2011.


“Et tu, Yivo? Holocaust survivors jolted by plan for Lithuanian foreign minister to be ‘guest of honor’ at Vilna Ghetto commemoration” on, 28 August 2011.


“A scholar’s apt warning on ultranationalist abuse of history and historians” on, 28 August 2011.


“Mainstream Sajudis organization joins call for increased commemoration of local 1941 Holocaust perpetrators” on, 27 August 2011.


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Amy Shannon Liedy’s summary of Dovid Katz’s Kennan Institute (Woodrow Wilson Center) lecture in Washington DC, posted 25 April 2011.


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PDF of the 30 Sept print version:



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To order:

More details:


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אַ שדים⸗טאַנץ מיט סוואַסטיקאַס אין דער היינטיקער ליטע. אַ געריכט גיט איר אורטייל, אַז סוואַסטיקאַס זיינען „די היסטאָרישע ירושה פון ליטע און ניט קיין סימבאָלן פון נאַצישן דייטשלאַנד“. אין „אַלגעמיינעם זשורנאַל“, 28טן מאַי 2010, זז. 1, 3.

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]“Chapters in Yiddish 3: (a) How could it be? di gas but afn gas? (b) New Words can sometimes acquire the authentic Yiddish spirit; (c) On shmendrik and Shmerl; (d) How to greet neighbors on their new year?” in Algemeyner Zhurnal, 22 January 2010, p. 3]



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[At 95, New York artist and poet Yoni Fain publishes a new book of Yiddish poetry]




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[100th anniversary of the Chernowitz Yiddish Language Conference]

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[Rokhl Margolis, 86, cannot return to her hometown, Vilnius, because she was an anti-Nazi partisan]



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[An exquisite new book in Yiddish: Dov-Ber Kerler’s Yerusholaymer almanakh]



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[On the first yortsayt of the “atheist rabbi” — in memory of Sherwin Wine]



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[Will the international community remain silent? The new ‘cleverer’ and dangerous form of Holocaust Denial gets consideration by the European Parliament!]




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[The Golem of Glubok]




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[The Dybbuk of Druya]




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[Einstein of Svir]




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[A journey to Latvia];




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[Words on words. 1: katóvǝs; 2: On yidish and idish: a chapter of Yiddish symbology]




„צוויי דערציילונגען: דער משומד פון קלושאַן; השגחה פּרטיתר“ אין „ירושלימער אַלמאַנאַך“ 28 (2008): 184-166.

 [Two short stories: “The Convert of Klushan” & “Divine Providence”]