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Lithuanian Yiddish Video Archive (LYVA)
Virtual Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna (in progress)
Virtual Mini-Museum of Interwar Jewish Lithuania (in progress)
Translation of the Bible into Lithuanian Yiddish (in progress)
Litvish: An Atlas of Northeastern Yiddish (in progress)
Yiddish Names of Towns and Cities in Lithuania
A Cultural Dictionary of Lithuanian Jewish Gravestones (in progress)
Map of the Lithuanian Holocaust (in progress)
Draft syllabus for a program in Litvak Studies
Video excerpts from interviews on the Lithuanian Holocaust
Video excerpts from interviews on the Latvian Holocaust
Video clips on current Holocaust history issues


Collection of work on Gaon of Vilna on 300th anniversary of his birth
New book of Yiddish fiction (8 of 12 stories set in pre-World War I Lithuania)
Translations into Lithuanian Yiddish of the Biblical books Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Micah; revised translation of Book of Esther published in Vilnius as booklet
Kovno Leather Merchant D.L. Lipetz Writes to Son-in-Law Dr. Joseph Britanishsky in London (Leon Brittan’s Father) in 1930
Yiddish and Hebrew Divorce Authorization Form from Early Years of Independent Lithuania
Vilna Jewish Committee for Refugees Certifies Status of Matis Kolinsky (July 1940)
The Return of Motke Chabad to Vílne 
Will Lithuania’s Parliament Really Name 2021 for Alleged Participant in LAF’s 1941 Kaunas Atrocities?


1931 Letter from Meyshe in Klaipėda (Memel) to his brother Motl in Kharkov (Kharkiv)
1934 Vilna Yiddish young people's magazine brings news of Yiddish school in Atlanta, Georgia
1936 inaugural issue of Bostomski & Chaimson's Shúl-fraynd
1930s Vilna family sends photo to relatives in Israel with message: ‘Don’t forget us!’
Kaunas Society of Jesus buys cloth for aprons from M. Tabatchnik’s dry goods store
Dovid Lipman’s corner shop in Kóvne (Kaunas) is for electrics, but offers cosmetics too
Ms. S. Vulfartaitė's Kóvne shop of exotic butters from Riga
LRT TV interview; English original (part)
Interview with Alexandra Kudukis in The Lithuania Tribune
Bravo to Hizzoner Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius
When is a Hollowed-Out Jewish Menorah a Flowerpot?
But What is a Litvak Symbol?


A Forgotten Poem by Hirsh Glik on the beauty of nighttime winter Vilna and its Viliya River
The 1924 Mizrahi (religious Zionist) youth movement membership card of Reuven Finger
Vilna Yiddish theatre studio invites Zalmen Reyzen to ‘scenes from Shakespeare, Schiller, Gorki, Gogol and Büchner’ (in Yiddish)
Jacob Piliansky, 72, Soft-Spoken Spokesperson for Historic Jewish Truth
A Hebrew Betar medal from interwar Vilna
On the Baltic movement to obfuscate the Holocaust
On Lithuania’s museum of Holocaust denial


The Book of Ruth. Translated from the Biblical Hebrew into Lithuanian Yiddish (Ele-Leyzer Chait: Vilnius 2017)
Lithuania’s Max Soloveitchik writes to his German counterpart in 1922
Lithuanian textbook for Hebrew schools with Ékhod mi yoydéya in Lithuanian (Mariampolë 1928)
Joseph Melamed, 93, a major leader of international Litvak community
On the extraordinary recent history of Holocaust studies in Lithuania
Letter from the late Yeshaye Epshteyn
Critique of a new ‘Litvak’ postage stamp
Inseparable Threesome: Leyzer Ran, Vilna, and Yiddish (in Charles Berlin (ed), Catalog of the Leyzer Ran Collection in the Harvard College Library, Harvard Library: Cambridge, Massachusetts 2017, pp. 13-16).


Is Eastern European ‘double genocide’ revisionism reaching museums?
Antisemitism in the 21st century shtetl
Did Yiddish lose its symbolic position in Vilnius?


Hanukkah in Vilnius
Lithuania's Liveliest Cemetery
An 18th Century German-Jewish View of Lithuanian Yiddish
A New Jewish Memorial in Rokiškis (Rakeshik)


Three Jewish-letter spellings of 'Vilna' (Vílne/Vílno/Vílna) in a single document
Meilach Stalevich (1923–2014)
Riva Shpiz remembers Dugalishik (Daugeliškis)
Seven Prophet Amos awards for human rights vourage in Lithuania
Yankl-Yosl Bunk – Jakovas Bunka (1923–2014)


Reconstructing the Sound Pattern of 19th Century Ashkenazic Hebrew Poetry in Vilna
Mystery of the Eight-Pointed Western Litvak (Za'meter) Symbol on Jewish Gravestones
The Fate of a Vilna Jewish Cemetery
Review of Chodakiewicz’s Intermarium
Purim in Lithuania?
Other articles


Yiddish fiction translated into English
Yiddish fiction translated into German

2012 version of the Lithuanian Yiddish Atlas questionnaire


On the Status of Maps in Linguistic Research (with G. Beconytė)
Detonation of the Holocaust in 1941: A Tale of Two Books


Lithuanian Jewish Culture (400 pp. folio, revised and updated edition, Vilnius 2010)
Work-in-progress version of Litvish: An Atlas of Northeastern Yiddish
Questionnaire for Litvish: An Atlas of Northeastern Yiddish
Critique of neo-Nazi marches in Vilnius and Riga
The Klaipeda court’s ruling on swastikas


Seven Kingdoms of the Litvaks (produced for the 2009 Jerusalem Book Fair)
Preface to The Sounds of Silence (Vilnius 2009)
Tomas Venclova’s translation into Lithuanian
The Gaon of Vilna (encyclopedia article in the SMERSH series)
Yiddish version of the Užupis Constitution (Paupio St, Vilnius) [fragment]


Excerpt from Windows to a Lost Jewish Past: Vilna Book Stamps
Jewish Cultural Correlates of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Yiddish text & typography for the multilingual sign of the Užupis Republic (a district of Vilnius)
Interview with Darius Ross on the ‘Five Litvak rules of drinking’
In honor of Shimon Alperovitch on his 80th Birthday

Latvia Expedition I
Latvia Expedition II
The one and only Kalmen Kovl (Carl Cowl) I
The one and only Kalmen Kovl (Carl Cowl) II
The Remarkable Sherwin Wine I
The Remarkable Sherwin Wine II
Against the “Red=Brown” Resolutions before the European Parliament I
Against the “Red=Brown” Resolutions before the European Parliament II
Rokhl (Rachel) Margolis I
Rokhl (Rachel) Margolis II
The Dybbuk of Druya (short story)
The Golem of Glubok (short story) I
The Golem of Glubok (short story) II


Joe Boski, master U.S. diplomat in Vilnius I
Joe Boski, master U.S. diplomat in Vilnius II
In honor of Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky I
In honor of Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky II
In honor of Fania Yocheles Brantosvsky III
Noah Shneidman’s Vilna Ghetto medal I
Noah Shneidman’s Vilna Ghetto medal II
Yehoyesh I
Yehoyesh II
The dialectology of afikéymen (afikomen) in Northeastern Yiddish
A tear for Shneur-Zalmen


Hirsh Chosid of Grodna
Meylekh Stalevich found his mother in a Vilna courtyard
The priest of Rozhanke in the church that was a synagogue
Feyge-Leye Katz, tormented convert of Vorne (Varniai)
Hirsh Pekl of Vilkomir (Ukmerge)
Dobke Yonis of Zezmer (Žiežmariai)
Meeting the Multitheists (Pagans) of Lithuania
Stefanija Gudėniene (once Feygitshke Yoffe) of Utyan (Utena), sole survivor of the massacre
at Abolnik (Vabalninkas), who said: “Please write my story when I die”


The posthumous Gaon of Vilna and the history of ideas
Yudel Mark of Palonge (Palanga)
What does the word Litvak mean?
Blumke Katz of Svintsyan I
Blumke Katz of Svintsyan II
Blumke Katz of Svintsyan III
Who is a Litvak?


Lithuanian Jewish Culture
Dangers of Modern Cartography
Hasidism in today’s Ukraine, from Chernobyl to Berdichev
Avrom Orlinsky of Mozer (Mazir)


Beylke Dillon (Lipkovich) of Oshmene (Ashmiana)
The Gaon of Vilna’s Yiddish Dialect
Lithuanian Jewry: Origins, Culture, Identity
Shimke Gurvitch of Svintsyan (Svencionys)


Itske Gavenda of Kovne
Blumke Katz of Svintsyan
Chatskl Lemkhen of Vilne (Chackelis Lemchenas of Vilnius)
Meirke Stoler of Radin
The Bund and Yiddish Culture
Rachel Kostanian’s Spiritual Resistance in the Vilna Ghetto
Expedition to Kurland
Vilne [preface to a book]
The 1999 Murder of Liba Krinitzky in Mir


Lithuanian intellectuals who lead the way to historic truth
A new Yiddish institute opens in Vilnius
Three conferences in Lithuania
On the Road to the Old Country (Mindaugas Kvietkauskas interview)
Images from Jewish Belarus (2001)


Images of Jewish Lithuania (2000)
Images from the Vitebsk area (2000)


A Yiddish Experiment in Vilnius
How to help the Holocaust’s Last Victims
Images from Jewish Belarus (1999)
Peshke Levitain and Shleyme Frayman of Smolovitsh (Smalavitshi)
Pinye Sheyner and Hirsh Revenzon of Drise (Verkhnedvinsk)
Poet Hirsh Reles of Minsk
Sonia Pomerantz of Grodno I
Sonia Pomerantz of Grodno II
Zalmen Katzkovich of Lintoop (Lintupy)


A plea on behalf of the Elderly Jews of Eastern Europe
Chatzkel Lemchen of Vilnius
Dina Kharik of Minsk
Eli Goldfand of Amdur (Indura)
Grandmother Moyne (Mona) comes back to denounce the communists
Joseph Shapiro’s Private Little Museum in Vilnius
Shleyme Weinstein of Brisk (Brest)
The Religious Prestige of the Gaon and the Secular Prestige of Lithuanian Yiddish
The secret Prayer House in Kabik, from Stalin’s Times
The Tzikpins of Mior
The Yiddish Speaking Architectural Restorers of Minsk
Ziske Shapiro of Podbrodz (Pabrade)


Avrom-Yankev Berchifand of Radashkovits
Abrashke Rogovsky of Radin (and Tel Aviv)
Leeba Krinitzky of Mir
Meirke Stoler of Radin
Sore-Rive Lifschitz of Kabik


Where is Raysn?
Anna Verschik of Estonia


New incarnations of an old debate: the (controversial) Lithuanian Yiddish based standard pronunciation


Amended Amendments: Issues in Yiddish Stylistics


New York Times report on the first Vilnius-Oxford Yiddish studies agreement


Grammar of the Yiddish Language


Course on Yiddish Dialectology


Yiddish Dialectology


The Wavering Yiddish Segolate and Sociolinguistic Reconstruction


Vocalic Diaphonemes of the Yiddish Dialects

Líte: The Classic Litvak Territory

Map of the Jewish Communities of Lithuania:
Links to their Holocaust Fate


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periodicals edited
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